Why WHM VPS Optimized Is Recommended For Your New Business?

Why WHM VPS Optimized Is Recommended For Your New Business?

WHM VPS Optimized became popular server options because of better utilization of memory. Memory utilization is always a crucial consideration to ensure server performance and usability. To optimize highest utilization of virtual memory WHM VPS Optimized has come to the fore. The increasing concern over better memory use made this optimization drive in virtual server so popular. With optimum memory utilization this type of virtual servers also offers an array of advantages for website administration and end users as well. Let us explain below the various beneficial aspects of WHM VPS Optimized.

Why WHM VPS Optimized Is Recommended For Your New BusinessWhat is VPS Optimized?

Basically, VPS Optimized can be characterized as an upgraded and extended variant of cPanel server control framework. This particular cPanel variant can ensure far enhanced memory utilization besides offering all other regular WHM cPanel benefits for the hosting clients. To prevent the third party apps and addons creating burden on the server memory this optimized control panel variant is preferred that can further enhance the server performance and make cPanel optimized for user benefits. With enhanced memory utilization it makes server administration easier and enhances usability of the server space in every possible way.

How it benefits businesses?

These days VPS are increasingly being preferred by small businesses because while it offers all the rigorous advantages and aspects of a dedicated server such hosting service can be subscribed almost at the cost of shared server. Moreover, with high performance control panel options like cPanel and WHM VPS Optimized they can further be benefited with an array of features and performance driving utilization of memory. Whether businesses depend heavily on websites for their business operation or just they need the website for promoting their brand on the web, performance driving features and memory use can just fulfill their objective from the website. This is the reason why increasing number f business websites are opting for hosting services with advanced control panel options like WHM VPS Optimized.

Website and server management made extremely convenient by latest range of control panel systems such as cPanel and a web host manager (WHM) (webhosting.about.com/od/Hosting-Tutorials/fl/All-That-You-Need-to-Know-About-Manually-Upgrading-cPanel-and-WHM.htm).  From adding and managing sites, accounts, domains and sub-domains to utilizing an array of third party apps for an array of website objectives, these control panel systems offers ease and flexibility in all server management and administrative tasks. WHM VPS Optimized offers the additional advantage of enhanced utilization of memory and thus optimizing server side administration and performance.

Affordability of WHM VPS optimized compared to dedicated servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with WHM Optimized offer all the functionalities, ease and flexibility of a dedicated server. But as for cost you need to bear just a fraction of what it takes for a dedicated server.  The so called cost advantages apart there are other advantages that also make this a great cost effective option. As your business grows it offers great scalability features to adjust to your evolving business needs. Far better control over all the accounts and access points to server, enhanced use of server memory and performance driven server administration, these three aspects make WHM VPS Optimized most cost effective and robust server solution for businesses.

How memory usage In WHM VPS Optimized drive performance

Server performance is the key competitive aspect of web hosting business. More efficiently the server memory is utilized better it can drive server performance. With a WHM VPS optimized server the overall consumption of memory by various client accounts can be reduced to an extent of 60–70% which means maximum amount of free space can always be available for all sorts of memory intensive tasks on your server.  Besides increasing page loading speed and overall website performance this also helps running all kinds of third party plugins and software that require a lot of runtime memory.

• WHM VPS optimized will prevent any downtime for the hosting server by saving lot f memory space in the server. Naturally, hosting high number of sites will not expose to any downtime risk when using WHM VS Optimized.

• A VPS may offer you similar advantages of a dedicated server at the cost of a shared server but when it comes to various performance related issues like RAM and memory,  it is proved as immune to these issues. A WHM VPS Optimized can be a step forward to address these performance issues of a virtual server.

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