Why People Prefer cPanel Web Hosting Service?

Why People Prefer cPanel Web Hosting Service?

Control Panel in a web hosting service holds a central place of importance. For some years cPanel quickly became the most preferred control panel system because of providing unparalleled ease to the user and versatility. A majority of users across the cPanel hosting services look for cPanel as it offers a smooth and value packed web experience for the server administrators a well as for end users. Let us have a look at the specific reasons for which people prefer cPanel.

Why People Prefer cPanel Web Hosting Service

Simple and user optimized Interface

Most people agree that cPanel offers very easy to use features making web hosting service a value added experience. Moreover, with cPanel it is the kind of web hosting service that suits equally the beginners and professionals. Even for a person not having much idea about hosting and server side management, it becomes extremely smooth with cPanel on his side.

Clear and simple interface apart it provides intuitive buttons that makes managing the hosting extremely convenient even for the newbie. It is only loaded with feature set and attributes that make sense and that makes life easier for the hosting management. Most cPanel tasks are done with single clicks without.

Extremely easy installation

Easy installation of apps, files, cPanel addons and plugins is one of the main reasons of its huge popularity among users. cPanel offers a very intuitive file installation mechanism that even delights the experienced and newbie both. Extremely user friendly dashboard will make it impossible for anyone to get lost. Moreover, the new user version of cPanel comes loaded with tutorials to make life easier for new users.

cPanel is safe from any detrimental actions

cPanel is devoid of slightest factors that can put server into risk. The control panel is itself equipped to prevent users from undertaking any risky task or do anything prohibited. Practically it is impossible to do any damage to the server however hard you try.

With cPanel backup is extremely convenient

While the importance of creating backups is well understood by all and sundry, all control panel systems do not offer the same ease and flexibility in backup. Anything goes wrong with the server backup would be the only rescue one can depend on for retrieving data. cPanel offers a robust backup mechanism for preserving your data and configuration.

To backup anything in cPanel all you need to do is to click on the Backup Wizard button and automatically it will guide you through the backup process. Once the backup is done and the files saved by cPanel you are free to download and save the files as per your requirement. From transferring websites between hosting companies to regular data and configuration backup, all is done extremely well by this robust backup.

An array of additional scripts

cPanel comes loaded with a bevy of ready to use scripts that can be installed in minutes. These ready to use scripts offer huge additional usability corresponding to blog, forum, content management, etc. While additional plugins might be found complex, cPanel makes it extremely easier to install them. A whole range of third party plugins and addons provided for diverse purposes and specific niche uses add more value to this control panel.

With such versatility and array of user friendly attributes cPanel looks an invincible option for hosting clients compared to all other hosting control panel systems. While everybody looks for simplicity and hassle free server management experience there cannot be a better and value packed offering other than cPanel. Most importantly, people who are new to the hosting and do not have any idea about server management and corresponding control panel actions, will invariably find this control panel system guiding enough to take care of their inexperience.

cPanel became the most widely used control panel thanks to huge popularity that it enjoyed over the years among hosting service providers across diverse business and user niches. With cPanel web hosting became much easier than ever before as it made it easier accomplishing complex hosting tasks in simple manner with just a few clicks. Moreover, in the mobile era the importance of value added web hosting service (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_hosting_service) experience became crucial to ensure the website performance on a variety of devices and web environments. cPanel as a web hosting control panel just fit into this evolving server and hosting requirement better than any other control panel systems. cPanel unlike all other hosting control panels make it easy for any novice or newbie to manage the complex tasks including managing multiple domains, FTP accounts and email accounts.

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