VPS cPanel License vs. Dedicated cPanel License

VPS cPanel License vs. Dedicated cPanel License

Understanding hosting environment begins with the different types of servers and majority of terms in hosting space are related to that. There are three major types of web hosting servers, respectively as dedicated, virtual private servers or VPS and shared hosting. In the present context we will focus our attention to the difference between VPS and dedicated server environment corresponding to the cPanel server control panel. Let us have a clear understanding of the two types of server, dedicated and VPS.

VPS cPanel License vs. Dedicated cPanel License

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting refers to the hosting environment in which a server system remains dedicated in catering a single client. As this hosting typically requires owning, renting, and maintaining a full server set up comprising one full machine or several machines this type of hosting server can be expensive and cumbersome. Typically dedicated hosting is required by large companies or enterprises dealing with huge amount of information and complex IT tasks. This type of hosting service is provided by enterprise grade hosting service providers.

VPS hosting

VPS or virtual private server is a type of shared hosting environment in which a portion of a hosting server is rent out to the client costing a lot less compared to a full dedicated server. This type of hosting provides the best aspects of two worlds, namely shared and dedicated servers. It offers better bandwidth and security as in dedicated hosting coupled up with the cost benefit of shared hosting.

Now depending on the type of server or hosting environment you are using you can choose the type of cPanel license. For respective server types, cPanel comes in two different license types, namely, VPS cPanel license and dedicated cPanel license. Irrespective of the type of server it will be used all cPanel licenses come loaded with a Web Host Manager (WHM) on the base IP and the cPanel interface of the client for all the accounts that have been setup on the respective server.

A dedicated server that remains assigned for a client to provide web hosting requires one full license. The regular full license for Web Host Manager (WHM) set on the base IP is referred as cPanel dedicated license which covers entire bunch of accounts on that particular dedicated server. A cPanel dedicated server license allows you to set up unrestricted number of client accounts under just one license.

On the other hand, VPS license only work with the servers having pre-installed software like VPS, virtuozzo, xen or vmware. This type of software actually helps you to set up the root partitions for further reselling to the clients. This type of server environment requires one license per server partition that you can resell to clients. This means to resell your server partitions to clients you need to buy a bunch of VPS cPanel licenses.

As for the user and usability aspects the difference between WHM cPanel license and a cPanel VPS license cannot be recognized by the end users. Because both the licenses are attached to the base IP and covers unlimited number of subsequent IP addresses, virtual accounts and all that you set up on the server. Basically the difference lies in the business aspect in relation to reselling the partitions. While with a full dedicated cPanel license one client with the entire dedicated server (www.ehow.com/how_6458548_make-dedicated-server.html) space is covered, cPanel VPS licenses are bought for each separate partition in one physical server.

The advantages of a VPS cPanel license are huge. With VPS hosting provider clients are benefited with an inexpensive hosting solution while enjoying all the features, bandwidth and security measures of dedicated hosting. VPS Optimized cPanel license offers the same advantages but without least constraints in the usage of server memory. Bu automatically cutting down the baseline memory usage the server performance gets optimized. In addition to that in VPS Optimized there is a log processing function that helps in reducing memory usage and better utilization to offer optimum server performance in respect of memory. Moreover, with VPS Optimized on your side you get other advantages that come packed with it like DNS clustering and error detection. The typical VPS cPanel Optimized comes packed with enhanced capacities and they are applied and become available automatically with the installation.

To describe from a layman’s perspective VPS cPanel license comes as a low cost, less cumbersome and effective solution to more expensive, rigorous and consummate dedicated cPanel license. But even after saying this, one must agree that each type of license has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and respective appeal to the clients.

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