Things You Need to Know About cPanel Licenses

Things You Need to Know About cPanel Licenses

cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel that provides various tools for hosting providers and website owners to build and manage websites. With cPanel it is easy to host a website since it offers many advantages such as automation of management and deployment of web hosts and provides easy tools to manage all the activities of web hosting. With automation, a web hosting company can save its time and resources by not worrying about deployments which might involve one to hundred domains.  In addition, a website can be managed by a customer himself reducing the burdens of web hosting companies to take care of every website they host and every domain in these sites. The users are also benefited from this as they can manage their sites according to their preferences without having to depend on the host. To put it simply, cPanel is very much required for a quick, hassle free web hosting process which also saves money and efforts. In order to enjoy the full advantages of cPanel and have an uninterrupted service, cPanel licenses are a must. Here is a list of things one needs to know about these cPanel licenses, their activation, prices, plans and expiration.

Things You Need to Know About cPanel Licenses• There are two kinds of servers available: dedicated and virtual private server (VPS). Considering your data needs and requirements you can either go for a dedicated server of your own for a long duration or opt for a virtual private server for a short duration. cPanel licenses are available for both.

• The easiest way to access a cPanel license is to buy a dedicated server that comes with a pre-installed cPanel. In such a case you wouldn’t be needing an external license to activate your cPanel. Speaking of external licenses, they are provided by license distributors which are same as the ones distributed by cPanel.

• Though cPanel licenses provided by cPanel and distributors are similar in their functionality, they vary in terms of their plans and price. While some people prefer to buy the license once and for all, a few others prefer to rent the license on a monthly basis. While the lifetime-cPanel licenses from cPanel have ceased to existed, the company offers cPanel license on a yearly basis for a standard price. However, you can access cPanel licenses for a cheaper price from distributors on a monthly basis.

• Every user has a different purpose from the cPanel and hence needs a specific license that can support his needs and goes along with his budget. So before buying a cPanel license, evaluate your needs, the time duration you would need these licenses etc. to save money and unnecessary expense of time to activate these licenses and verify them constantly for expiration.

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