How is cPanel licensed?

How is cPanel licensed?

cPanel is regarded as most user friendly control panel system for web hosting environment. It takes total control over the server in respect of security, control measures and features. cPanel is known widely for its professional interface for both clients and the server management. With cPanel on the server it is extremely easy to create and manage accounts, email accounts, passwords, FTP accounts, domains and sub domains, databases, redirects, parking and all that matter in server management. cPanel follows an easy licensing procedure. It basically uses a direct license system. The server will ask the cPanel license servers to verify whether the license is in active condition.

Obviously, there are few requirements in regard to the number of permissible cPanel VPS license per server. A single cPanel license is permitted for only a single virtual private server. On the other hand, unrestricted and unlimited number of user accounts can be managed by a single cPanel VPS license. Because of this one license per server criterion this actually becomes cost effective for hosting service providers.

cPanel VPS license

The typical requirement of 1 license per server makes cPanel licensing simple and cost effective compared to other server licenses. With the option of unlimited user account support with just one license makes it so economic a solution for hosting service provider. Typically the server client is required buying only for one time and thereafter he can opt for reselling the partitions of the server to other clients. This allows the client further reducing the server cost.

Features of cPanel license

Obtaining a cPanel license the user can experience superior control features and a host of other benefits. Let us have a look at some of these features.

Great email management features for creating new email accounts, changing passwords, sizing of mailbox, offering access to emails from any device, email client configuration, deleting email accounts, cPanel let you do all that you need to do with emails from the server.

File management is one of the most big convenience known experienced by cPanel users. From managing multiple domains, CMS platforms, FTP clients and many more server side management jobs can be done by cPanel with least difficulty.

In respect of security measures cPanel offers a whole array of user friendly features. From password protection to leech protection, controlling IP address accessibility to protecting bandwidth with hotlink protection, you can experience a whole lot of security mechanisms with cPanel.

cPanel offers a very easy to manage interface that gives ease of creating, parking and managing number of domains and sub domains together.

License requirement for cPanel

Basically cPanel license is given 1per server basis. But with 1 cPanel VPS license unlimited number of cPanel user accounts can be served making the server management extremely less expensive and convenient. Considering the simplicity of user interface, robust security measures and great array of features and ease of use, cPanel license stands as the most relevant server management solution at the least cost.

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