A Guide to Buy Cheap cPanel Licenses

A Guide to Buy Cheap cPanel Licenses

Any business, big or small, can use websites as an effective tool to communicate with their customers and clients. These websites are hosted on servers which are nothing but huge online storage decks which can hold all relevant data concerning your website and offer a definite space and ground for your website to operate. Servers which host a single website are known as dedicated servers and servers which host a number of websites together are known as shared servers. If you are a small business owner who is looking to host his/her website with a decent traffic, a shared or a virtual private server (VPS) is a good option to start with.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that helps website owners and engineers in management of websites and servers. These control panels have numerous applications and addons which are specific to a particular task to be performed on the site. Site builders, Server builders, Helpdesk systems, Billing automation… are few of the most essential cPanel addons that every website needs to have installed on its website control Panel. Activation of cPanel and cPanel addons requires cPanel licenses released by cPanel and cPanel partners. Cheap cPanel licenses are often preferred by small business owners as they are more suitable for their scale of business, considering factors like usability and budget. Here is a check list of technical aspects every small business owner needs to consider before spending money on cheap cPanel licenses.

A Guide to Buy Cheap cPanel Licenses

1. Type of Server

As mentioned above, there are various choices when it comes to choosing a server to host a website on. cPanel licenses are configured accordingly and you need to be careful to ensure that the license you buy is compatible with the type of server on which your website is hosted on. cPanel Dedicated licenses and cPanel VPS licenses are few of the various cPanel licenses available based on the type of the server used to host.

2. Operating System

Apart from determining whether you need a dedicated license or a VPS license, you should also take the operating system running on your server into consideration. Make sure that the cheap cPanel licenses you buy are compatible with the platforms specified by the cPanel’s documentation reports and also check for the build that supports the chosen cPanel license.

3. IP Address Type

There are various kinds of IP addresses available namely static IP addresses, internal IP addresses and external IP addresses. cPanel platform is mainly tailored for commercial hosting of websites that makes developers to use mostly static IP addresses. As the cPanel platform is designed for specific type of IP addresses, so are the cPanel licenses. So make sure to buy only those cheap cPanel licenses that are supported by the IP address type of your website.

Apart from the above mentioned technical factors, also consider factors like validity of the license, price and the vendor of the license before buying cheap cPanel licenses from cPanel or cPanel partners.

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