Features of VPS Hosting with cPanel

Features of VPS Hosting with cPanel

VPS stands for a virtual private server. This kind of server is set up in a physical computer or server but it runs its very own virtualization operating system, which makes it completely independent of the other virtual or physical spaces on the same server. This provides the client a completely dedicated virtual environment for their websites and yet it is not as expensive as a physical dedicated server is. The virtual environment of the VPS is actually configured via virtualization software. It helps the client access full control over their server administration. Today, the trend is to outfit a VPS server with a cPanel platform. cPanel is an operating platform that helps gain better server administration control with a sleek interface rather than meticulously configuring each aspect of the server manually. It also improves back-end administration controls for clients who might not be up on complex technical knowledge about servers. If you are still debating whether to choose a cPanel VPS hosting, here is a look at the consolidated features of the platform to help you make a faster decision.

Features of VPS Hosting with cPanel

Server Security features

VPS hosting has better server security features than most shared hosting options. Even when you are in essence sharing server space, you will have completely isolated and virtual server environment. You can rely on the security software uploaded by your server network or you can also choose to reinforce security measures on your VPS server by uploading new security and antivirus software via your VPS cPanel interface.

Better control over servers and freedom to customize

Ideally, VPS accounts provide better server administration controls to their clients. As a result, clients can further customize their server experience. If you are in the web hosting business or a reseller of hosting accounts, a VPS hosting with cPanel platform will allow you to create multiple customer accounts on your VPS server, each with its own limited server administration access and control. You can also customize each shared space with a different theme, cPanel features, and software options.

Affordability over other hosting options

As compared to a dedicated hosting solution, VPS hosting comes in at a much more affordable price. However, it provides almost the same kind of features as an advanced dedicated cPanel hosting. Again, shared hosting options might be available at a cheaper price but they have too many limits on controls and they do not provide enough space for larger websites. In this scenario, it is actually much more feasible to choose a VPS hosting with cPanel.

Technical support and managed web hosting experience

With VPS hosting you have the option of choosing a managed web hosting experience for your account. If you do not have enough technical experience or lack a dedicated technical team to handle all server control issues, you can assign up for a managed hosting account on a VPS server. This will ensure that your server network provides constant technical support, oversee consistent software updates or new installations without compromising your server experience.

Scalability features

VPS hosting allows the clients to decide on scalability features depending on their budget. You can choose the configurations of the Ram supporting your account, the amount of SSD storage and even the availability of customized cPanel or web- based control interface for your server. The cost of your VPS hosting (www.wikihow.com/Get-VPS-Hosting-for-Your-Website) account will depend on the extensiveness of these features. Therefore, whether you are managing a resource-heavy website with multiple applications and ecommerce features or you own a development website for your website design company, you can choose the necessary configurations that support your purpose as well as your budget.

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