Difference between a cPanel VPS License and cPanel Dedicated Server License

Difference between a cPanel VPS License and cPanel Dedicated Server License

With a great feature set and performance driving functionalities, cPanel has changed the hosting space to the advantage of websites and web based apps. With the evolution of technology in hosting space, meeting new demands and user expectation is continuing to be a crucial factor and cPanel just perfectly meets these emerging demands from a hosting service provider. cPanel is the Linux based control interface for servers that enjoyed huge popularity in the recent times thanks to its rich feature set and better control measures for website owners. The cPanel license in a VPS environment differs in an array of aspects from the cPanel license for dedicated servers.


What is VPS?

VPS refers to virtual private server which is a hosting environment that allows operation of several accounts simultaneously through a single server. It is actually a type of shared hosting that unlike other types of shared hosting allows greater control and access including the access to the server root.

Server root access enables richer control and user experience.

Edged over other shared hosting in terms of performance of resource intensive web apps.

In spite of offering deeper server access offers great security measures against attacks and unwanted access.

How cPanel VPS license works?

cPanel interface adds more control and functional ease to the users in the VPS hosting environment. VPS licenses typically work on the servers with installed software such as VMware, Vps, Virtuozzo, Xen, etc.  This software creates different root partitions on the server and you can further sell each partition to your clients. A single cPanel VPS license covers only one root partition of the server and you can buy more licenses for more root partitions to sell them to clients. The client buying a root partition in the VPS can create unlimited user accounts under just one single license.

How cPanel dedicated server license works?

A dedicated server refers to single server hosting fully dedicated to one client offering full resource and control over the hosting. Now with a cPanel dedicated server license over the existing autonomy and control over your server the client may enjoy a far enriched control and functionalities provided by cPanel interface. A dedicated server for setting up a cPanel interface needs a full license covering all the user accounts on that server. With cPanel dedicated server license, you can actually create unlimited accounts with further cPanel accounts under each client, all covered with one single license meant for the entire dedicated server.

The cPanel edge for clients and users

The easy, convenient and user focused control interface of cPanel is already well appreciated across hosting service (www.wisegeek.com/how-do-i-choose-the-best-dedicated-hosting-service.htm) providers, clients and users alike. For users the differences in features and functionalities of cPanel license in VPS and dedicated server are hardly noticeable. With both types of licenses, you will get all the essential features and benefits cPanel control panel is known for. If the base IP of the server carries a cPanel license in either type of servers the users are entitled to get benefits like unlimited IP addresses, virtual accounts, IP based accounts, great file management tools, rich email configuration and management tools, security tools, domain management tools and great security measures.

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