How to Create a cPanel Account in WHM

If you have a web hosting business, have multiple business websites or you want to start a reseller business, selling accounts from your VPS or dedicated server, you will need to install individual cPanel account for different websites or clients. In this scenario, having the very best of the WHM technology on your server will help you accomplish the task from a single interface. It will also help you deal with the complexities even if you lack too much of the technical expertise related to in-depth server administration. There is no difference between a WHM full cPanel dedicated license and a VPS cPanel license; all features, functionality and options are exactly the same. If you are still a little apprehensive about the details of creating a cPanel account from within your WHM interface, here are the detailed steps to help guide you through the process.

First step

The first step will be to log in directly in to your WHM cPanel interface.

Second Step

Go to the ‘Create a New Account’ option. Traditionally it is located under the menu options in the left hand side toolbar. If in doubt, check under the tabs marked ‘Account Functions’ or ‘Account Settings’. You can also conduct a search for ‘Create a New Account’ in the Find or Search bar in the upper left corner of the WHM interface.

Third Step

The third step can be divided in to a series of sub steps. You have to feed in the correct information in the dialog interface that appears under the ‘Create a New Account’ Option. Here are a few of the details that will be necessary for filling up this form.

• New domain details – You can create a cPanel account with either a domain name or a sub-domain name. In the domain information field, you have to put in the name that you want for your cPanel installation. Make sure not to put ‘www’ in front of the domain name when entering it in this field.

• The password and email address for the cPanel account – You also have to enter an email address that you want to associate with this cPanel. Also, choose a suitable cPanel ( username and password to create the account successfully. The username cannot be the same as the root; it might be made up of 8 or less characters (letters and numbers only) with no spaces. You can use the password generator tool to create truly unique passwords that increase overall security of your cPanel accounts.

• Package information – WHM interface offers multiple package options for different cPanel accounts. Each package has different pricing options as well as different ranges of limitations for features associated with that cPanel account. If you have not chosen a package yet, you can choose one and set the limitations via the “Select options manually” option within the interface.

• Settings option – Under this option you can customize the themes for your cPanel accounts. You can also customize the reseller options for the new cPanel account. This means that you can decide whether the new account can have WHM access to create subsequent cPanel accounts further on as they sell server space to new clients. You can change the DNS settings under this option. You can redirect your new cPanel account towards a nameserver located on a different server from this control option. For this you can choose the option under the settings menu which states “ Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s registrar”.

• Configure mail routing – you can either let the server deliver emails via local channels or specify that it scan the external MX records every time before delivering emails. In case of doubt, simply choose the option “Automatically Detect Configuration” which is a recommended setting with pre-configured specifications.

Fourth Step

After you have filled all the above-mentioned details, you can click on the “Create” button to finalize your directives and create a brand new cPanel account within your WHM.

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